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Cyprus Wants Greece to Reach Lender Agreement

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Cyprus has advised Greece to reach an agreement with the nation's global lenders concerning its bailouts.

Cypriot Finance Minister Harris Georgiades stated to Cypriot state radio, "I believe that the Greek government, knowing the facts and the realities, needs to take its decisions; if it wants an extension to the programme, it must request it now," according to Reuters and Parikiaki.

The Finance Minister added, "If it doesn't want to do that, it would, I suppose, already have defined its alternatives which would allow for the financing of the Greek state and its economy."

Georgiades declared that Cyprus would support Greece, as the two countries are close partners and allies. Yet when queried over what exactly Cyprus would uphold, the FM claimed, "It's not clear what the (Greek) request is to support."

(Source: Reuters)