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Greece Plans Minimum Wage Increase

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A Greek governmental plan to raise the nation's minimum salary is predicted to take place in October.

The wage will rise to 654 euros per month concerning private sector employees. The Hellenic government's electoral vow to boost the monthly wage to 751 euros will not take place prior to the second half of next year, as reported by Kathimerini.

The Greek Labor Ministry is presently preparing for two statutes. The decrees will equal out the salaries of young employees to that of older employees, along with base employees' minimum wage earning the same as office workers. When enacted, all job holders in Greece will make at least 654 euros each month.

Meetings are occurring now in Athens until a settlement is reached. Currently, the minimum salary per month is 510 euros for 25-year-old workers and under, while the minimum wage of base employees is set at 654 euros.