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Greece Holds Productive T-Bill Auction Generating 1.138 Billion Euros

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Greece sold six-month Treasury bills worth 1.138 billion euros today, which covered the comprehensive quantity it wanted to generate in April's initial auction.

This month, the nation will hold two auctions. Greece is on the brink of being strapped for revenues with mounting speculations, concerning the nation's ability to produce funds to encompass foreign investment gaps.

Greek debt firm PDMA confirmed that the T-bills were purchased with a 2.97% yield; unaltered from a prior sale last month. Today's activity held a 1.30 bid-cover ratio, which also mirrored March's ratio.

Revenues raised on Wednesday also contained non-competitive bides worth a total of 263 million euros. Today's auction has a scheduled settlement date for April 14th.

(Source: Reuters)