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Austrian FM Hopes Reorganized Greek Negotiators Advance Debt Discussions

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Austria's Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling remains hopeful, that Greece's newly positioned negotiators will make swifter advancements concerning debt talks, with the nation's global creditors.

The Austrian Finance Minister stated to reporters prior to a cabinet meeting, that it was, "in order" for Prime Minister Tsipras to switch the negotiating team and stated, "it just has to be quick...I hope we don't start again at zero."

Tsipras reorganized the team, after last week's eurozone finance meeting. Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling added, "We hope...that the Greek government now gets out of the headlines, that they concretely back up measures with laws, valuations and schedules."

(Source: Reuters)

(Photo Source: https://english.bmf.gv.at/)