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Tourist Arrivals Dip in Greece

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Greece's tourism sector has suffered a decline, regarding its arrival amounts at some of the nation's hotspots.

This has been attributed to continuing concerns in the country, according to an analysis by tourism firm SETE. In April, a 26.9% year-on-year arrival decrease occurred at Kos airport, 22.1% on Kephalonia, 7.4% in Iraklio, Crete, while Mykonos experienced a 31.1% dip. However in Athens, airplane arrivals amounted to a 21% increase, that was ascribed to a larger amount of available flights.

While speaking to Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos this week, SETE leader Andreas Andreadis discussed a method that would, "increase value-added tax by 120 per cent [for the sector] would take Greek tourism out of competition and inflict irreparable damage...Hotels will be unable to absorb the increase and over 200,000 jobs will be lost from 2016," according to Neos Kosmos.