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Greece Grants Reprieve On Unaccounted Salaries With 21% Tax

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The Greek governmental administration concluded that it will grant reprieve to tax avoiders, whom have hidden salaries from the nation.

However, individuals must pay a one time 21% tax on the unaccounted for funds, originating from Greece or elsewhere. If paid within two months of the bill's ratification, tax offenders will not be faced with additional charges.

Yesterday, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and State Minister for Combating Corruption Panayiotis Nikoloudis confirmed that a single rate will be placed on the legalization of wages, in both Greece and abroad.

Previously, the nation had written a bill that held a 15% tax for money deposited outside of Greece, and a 30% tax for Greek deposits. Yet the State Minister for Combating Corruption objected to the protocol.