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Greece Favorably Sells 6 Month T-Bills

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Greece successfully sold off 813 million euros worth of six month T-bills today.

The sale will assist in refinancing a maturing matter and will maintain its public finances, as the nation looks to secure its third bailout with global creditors.

Debt firm PDMA sold the T-bills with a 2.97% yield, while 1 billion euros of T-bills have an August 7th maturation date. The yield remains unaltered from last month's auction.

Wednesday's sale's bid-cover ratio mirrored last month's at 1.30. Generated funds encompassed 187.5 million euros worth of non-competitive bids, with a scheduled August 7th settlement.

On August 14th, Athens will need to roll over an additional 1.4 billion euros worth of three month T-bills that have an August 14th maturation date.