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Greek Stocks Climb

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Most Greek stocks began this week with earnings, however trading volumes were minimal, as investors are cautious under the nation's current political climate.

The Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) general index finalized with 655.33 points. This figure was 1.35% higher than Friday's value at 646.62 points. The large-cap FTSE 25 index was valued at 190.92 points, after enlarging by 1.12%.

Greek banks experienced price expansion; Eurobank acquired 5.26%, Piraeus Bank rose 11.70%, and Ellaktor construction firm rose 6.38%. However Coca-Cola HBC dipped by 1.56%.

In all, 70 stocks experienced strides, while 14 remained as is, and 18 experienced losses. Friday's turnover marked 22.3 million, while today's finalized at 16.9 million, according to Kathimerini.