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Anti-Corruption Leader's Frustration at Fund Deficiency

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Today's interview administered between Greece's departed Supreme Court prosecutor Yiannis Tentes and Kathimerini, reveals that a deficiency of funding is hindering attempts to battle corruption.

Now serving as the nation's National Anti-Corruption Coordinator, Tentes claimed, "The funds are there but, unfortunately due to purely bureaucratic reasons and people fearing responsibility, their distribution is being unacceptably delayed...I am being patient but if this situation continues I will start attributing responsibility".

If this crucial issue is not dealt with in a timely manner, Tentes is ready to go public regarding everyone involved, who has fallen short on their responsibilities. He has recommended that the funds should be used to acquire equipment and to raise attention to the matter. Working in his newly appointed post since last summer, Tentes further added: "Our strategy against corruption includes a variety of measures and policies...It includes technical assistance, education programs, awareness schemes and strengthening the judicial system with modern information systems and equipment that could improve its productivity".

Nevertheless, Tentes did state that attempts to contest graft are starting to gain force. He concluded with: "Statistics show that corruption has been on the wane during the last few years...I have reason to believe that to a large degree this is due to the visibility of greater activity from prosecutors and courts".