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Greece to Announce Social Dividend Disbursement by Friday

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By Friday, Greece's government plans to declare how it will proportion the "social dividend" from the nation's primary surplus from last year, according to reports by Kathimerini.


After last week's agreement between Greece and the troika on the country's adjustment program, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras promised that a portion of the funds raised in excess of the lender's goals would be reshuffled.  Samaras claimed, "More than 500 million euros will be given immediately to 1 million Greeks".  Security workers and the police force who generate salaries lower than 1,500 would be included.  An additional 20 million euros would be allotted to the nation's increasing homeless population.  Greece is also expected to settle 1 billion euros in debt to suppliers, with an additional 1 billion dollars going towards Greece's reduction debt.

The country has predicted that its primary surplus for 2014 stands at 2.9 billion euros.  Eurostat will confirm this figure next month.  Then Greece can disburse agreed upon handouts, which include approximately 300,000 pensioners and 400,00 low income families.  Hellenic government officals held a meeting today to decide how the special social dividend specifics will be distributed.