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Greek Corruption Levels Experience 15% Decrease

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Thankfully, Greece's corruption levels decreased by 15% last year, in its private and public subdivisions.

Transparency International conducted a report that revealed a 30% respondent rate, concerning refusal of undocumented payments or "fakelakia". The public's outlook on corruption is experiencing a shift, due to the consistent recession and state attempts to abolish fraud payoffs.

However, financial exploitations still linger in the nation. The study determined that tax offices, city-planning departments and state hospitals are the main avenues of corruption. Hospital fraud increased by 5%; various patients requiring surgery compensated up to 7,000 euros for operations.

Town-planning offices' corruption levels decreased to 2.8% with a 15,000 euro high, while tax office levels decreased by 1.2% with a 20,000 euro cap. Transparency International's study added that receipt issue failure is now widely viewed as an act of fraud, for the first time.