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Finance Minister Denies Current Bond Market Return

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Today in Athens, Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras denied beliefs that Greece will reenter the bond market as rapidly as this week.

The Finance Minister stated to Vima FM, "We will return by the summer, within the first half of the year...There is no rush". He dismissed the government's consideration of a current bond issue in the next week or two, regarding the hit it took by Panayiotis Baltakos' recent cabinet secretary resignation. The Finance Minister explained,"We are not going to take the risk of returning to markets for political reasons".

It is widely thought that the nation will generate a surplus of 2 billion euros, when it actually administers its first sovereign bond since 2010. Stournaras added: "We do not need this money to cover a funding gap...We are testing the water and trying to easy the yield curve. We have absolutely no need for the money and there is no need to rush".

Additionally, Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras offered a statement shooting down reports, or what he coined "prophecies", that an international market return may occur, prior to Chancellor Angela Merkel's travels to Greece this week or next. However according to Kathimerini, process experts determined that one of these two avenues most likely will be adopted.