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8 Billion Euro Civil Servants Payroll Reduction

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Greece's Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated yesterday that the public sector had over the last four years, eliminated 200,000 employees, which resulted in an 8 billion euro reduced civil servants payroll.

Offering his Ministry's strategy for the next two years, the Reform Minister claimed officials are "...moving from quantitative targets to the fulfillment of qualitative reforms in accordance with an agenda which we are setting ourselves".

Their goal is to be as productive as possible, regarding human resources in civil service areas. A new system is in place that offers revamped procedural plans and supervisor selection, that will enhance meritocracy and transparency.

Mitsotakis explained to European Commission and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development officials: "It is the first time that such a complex exercise is being carried out for the evaluation of structures, the drafting of staffing plans and the designation of positions of responsibility".

This week, the Ministry is vying for the Council of State's authorization for draft presidential decrees, highlighting the prepared overhaul. Hellenic labor unions have not been pleased at all with civil service alterations ordered by troika, over the last four years.