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Remax Estate Agency's Greek Property Survey Results

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Remax Estate Agency Network administered a survey regarding Greek properties.

The study found a downturn in new 2013 home prices that averaged 7%, and older dwellings dropped by 8%. In 2012, the figures were at 9% and 13%, respectively.

Attica's new homes and apartments felt a 2013 price decrease of 9%; older homes faced an 8% decline. Thessaloniki's residences experienced barely any changes in new property costs, yet elder ones held a 7% price drop.

Residence purchasers acquired 87% of homes that were 5 years old or older, in 2013. There are many brand new homes and apartments in Greece, that still remain on the market. These statistics haven't altered much in the last three years, even though new construction is at a fundamental standstill.