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Commercial Property's Expected 2014 Price Growth

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Greek commercial property experts are forecasting an end to sale price declines and business rental rates, regarding stores, malls and office spaces, for the last half of 2014.

This was first revealed after the market emerged in late 2013, as reports determined that commercial property transactions remained over 1 billion euros, for 2013's entirety. 2014's statistics are anticipated to be even higher. Eurobank Properties' Annual Report approximated that, "...commercial property market expectations for 2014 are improved on 2013 and the years before as transaction volume is set to grow".

NAI Global property services firm's 2014 report determined that this year, commercial space rents and prices will stabilize, in correlation with Greece's market recovery. These findings result in many low priced properties that can be taken advantage of by purchasers, wishing to profit off the imminent price hike.