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Greek Islands Prepare for Easter Travel Increase

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Greek tourism representatives confirmed that Easter domestic travels are above average, this season.

Hotel rates remain the same as 2013, even though Greek Orthodox Easter arrives earlier this year. Santorini Local Hotelier's Union President Manolis Karamolegos stated that bookings for the island are increasing: "...both by Greeks and foreign tourists". He added that additional international plane arrivals and an added weekly Aegean Airlines flight from Athens to Santorini, has definitely boosted tourism.

Corfu, Naxos, Crete and other island officials have experienced the same travel trends this Easter. Rhodes bookings have increased significantly since last year. Crete Local Hotelier's Union President Manolis Yiannoulis commented, "All hotels in the city of Hania have opened ahead of Easter", in anticipation of receiving more visitors, with the island's recent increase in international flights.