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Prime Minister Samaras: "We Don't Need More Money"

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Prime Minister Antonis Samaras believes Greek bond yields will experience an additional decline.

The state is currently not planning to sell any more of its debt. Last week, the Prime Minister stated: "We anticipate bonds and t-bills' interest rates to decline, and further enhancement of liquidity through investment and privatizations...We didn't want to borrow any more than we needed".

After a four year financial crisis, Greek capital is now permeating in the nation. The whole return on the Hellenic 10-year note has experienced an almost 400% increase, since Samaras was elected in June 2012.

Samaras added, "We don't need more money. We have no fiscal gap, we have no financing gap and, on top of this, we have the ability to go to the markets if necessary...We reached rock bottom and now we can only go up and we will only go up".

The Prime Minister further explained that Greece isn't in a hurry to access markets right now. In last week's Bloomberg interview, he declared, "In the future, we will ask for the money we want, at a lower rate".

Greek bonds have experienced the highest 2014 returns, concerning the thirty sovereign debt markets followed by Bloomberg Bond Indexes. This month, its ten-year benchmark dropped below 6%; compared to 2012's 44.21% rate.