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Eurogroup's Upcoming Meeting Tables Greek Debt Relief

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During Eurogroup's May 5th meeting, Greece will discuss additional debt relief efforts, as stated by Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras.

He stated to the 3rd Hellenic-Chinese Business Partnering Conference: "Eurostat's announcement [last week on Greece's primary surplus] has opened the path on a discussion about debt relief based on what had been agreed with our partners...Greece will table this issue at the next Eurogroup, on May, so the discussion can begin".

Greece's Euro Working Group representative described the nation's need for debt-lightening resolutions, last Thursday. The Hellenic state reminded the rest of the EU its promise to study debt relief measures, after it generated a primary surplus.

The Finance Minister commented, "We estimate that more than 85 percent of the improvement in the general government primary balance, in order to reduce our debt to sustainable levels by 2020, has already been achieved...This means that the hardest part is behind us but we still have some ground to cover. We have almost reached the top of the mountain, though".