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Kuwaiti Financiers Tour & Plan Cypriot Investments

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President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, stated that the island received an improved Standard and Poor's and Fitch grade due to its continued financial efforts.

Anastasiades did add that the improved ratings doesn't mean the crisis is anywhere near over. The President paid homage to his citizens on their maturity, patience and mannerisms, concerning Cyprus' monetary challenges.

Anastasiades is hoping for future global investments. The President stated, "I hope that at some point we will have something positive to announce. We will not give up our efforts, either with the country we have visited or the countries we are planning to visit, with a view to achieve inflow of foreign capital into the country...there is great interest (for investments), but we are still at an exploratory stage. Let us not create illusions to the people. This is not our intention, neither is any false impression beneficial".

Kuwaiti investors completed a Cypriot tour on Friday, and held meetings with the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency and its government, regarding tourism, land development, and energy sectors.  Both sides were pleased with the outcome of the trip. On Friday at Larnaka Airport, CIPA President Christodoulos Aggastiniotis commented at the foreign bankers departure: "...we are on the right track".

Kuwait Investment Project Holdings Company Official Tariq Abdul Salam stated of his Cypriot travels, "We really appreciate all the efforts and hopefully we will make a future decision to invest in Cyprus because we really believe in it". Colleague Sadoun Ali added that Cyprus will progress, "because of the way it has been managed and promoted".