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"The Future of Greek Gas & Power Markets" Forum Held Today

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"The Future of Greek Gas and Power Markets: Looking Ahead with Optimism and Realism" forum, took place today in Athens.

Addressing the seminar, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stated, "...indications of the country's energy resources are extremely auspicious". He discussed how the European Union continues to increasingly focus on Greece's plethora of energy sources.

The Prime Minister added, "From energy alone we can achieve growth that will meet every target...Of course, we shall not rely on energy alone. All this necessitates investments, stability, serious planning, consistent implementation, trust in Greece, open communication by Greece with the world and a stabilizing role of Greece in our region instead of isolationist behavior...energy is the outstanding issue that reflects distortions of the Greek economy".

Antonis Samaras highlighted the requirements of diverse energy supply outlets, European energy independence, and an EU finalized internal energy market. The Greek Prime Minister also touched on the Ukrainian crisis, regarding the necessity of European energy protection. Samaras declared, "For the first time, Greece is entering the global energy map".