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Calamos Investments Releases Global Economic Review & Outlook

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Calamos Investments recently published its Global Economic Review & Outlook, titled "Seeking Equilibrium", written by John P. Calamos, Senior CEO and Global CO-CIO and Gary D. Black, EVP and Global CO-CIO.

As stated in the report:

"The global economy can maintain its slow recovery trajectory, supported by accommodative monetary policy and low inflation.

The U.S. is in the middle innings of recovery, China is positioned for a soft landing, and conditions in the euro zone and U.K. are increasingly favorable.

Economic reforms provide a compelling backdrop for many emerging markets, but selectivity is key.

The current climate calls for a balance of secular and cyclical growth, as well as adherence to valuation disciplines.

Convertibles may prove especially beneficial in a volatile equity market, against the backdrop of rising interest rates".

The Greek-American premier global expert and Black refer to Greece in their analysis. Concerning Greek matters, the two financial masters write:

"Austerity measures, as well as the support of the ECB and member nations, have led many of the once most-fragile euro zone economies to fundamentally brighter prospects (Figure 11), which we believe will continue. Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain have reined in borrowing costs significantly, with 10-year bond yields that are lower than or closing in on levels at the start of 2009. Additionally, the high interest we saw last week for Greece's $4.2 billion five-year bond issue points to how far that country has come in its painful recovery, as well as to the market's view of the country's prospects.

Nonetheless, our outlook reflects some caveats: It remains to be seen if the ECB can stave off deflation without embarking on actual quantitative easing, which it has so far just talked about. Also, the chasm between Northern Europe and Southern Europe remains wide in many regards, including unemployment, government debt, manufacturing data, and GDP growth".

Calamos Investments is a leading international investment firm that aims to excel in client services and investment management. For more than 30 years, the global agency has offered high-level services for individual and institutional investors.  John P. Calamos is a first generation Greek-American, who has publicly stated his pride regarding his ethnicity and work ethic.