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Athens Stock Exchange Continues Attracting Investors

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The Athens Stock Exchange continued to attract international investors as net buyers, marking April as the 18th consecutive month of global transactions.

As reported by ANA, capital inflows totaled 166.93 million euros; Greek investors held capital outflows of 148.10 million euros.  In April, overseas investors increased their Greek market partnership to 54.8%, compared to 52.9% in March. There was a 3.229 billion euro turnover in April, marking a 28.1% increase from March.

Compared to April 2013, the turnover was up by an astonishing 144.2%. The average turnover was 161.47 million euros; an increase in comparison to March's 132.67 million euros. The figure was an enormous stride, compared to 62.96 million euros generated in April 2013.

Operating investor codes amounted to 29,313 last month, from 33,734 in March. April 2013 held 45,120 active investors. Capitalizations reached 64.55 euros at April's end, which was 8.0% less than March, yet the rate ascended 73.7%, from last year's same timeframe.