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Social Dividend Funds Granted Today

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Today in Greece, over 200,000 recipients were granted a portion of the nation's primary surplus, as confirmed by the Finance Ministry.

205,912 households who applied by the preliminary May 3rd deadline, received their funds today. A total of 132.2 million euros were paid out to citizens Friday.

The Ministry explained that the social dividend is:"non-taxable, non-deductible and cannot be seized or offset with other debts to the state or banks." Officials made this statement, in response to reports that financial institutions had confiscated amounts from accounts with outstanding loan and credit card payment debts.

Hellenic Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras and Deputy Christos Staikouras have instructed that the Hellenic Bank Association guarantees that banks abide by the law. June 30th marks the final deadline for the remaining applicants to receive aid. The total amount of social dividend funds is 450 million euros.