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Greece Ranks Second in Photovoltaics

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Greece placed second in the international arena, regarding its 2013 domestic electricity usage in photovoltaics, as reported by the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies today.

6.7% of domestic demand was administered in the photovoltaic sector. The nation is also in the globe’s top ten countries for a newly installed yearly capacity, with an installation of 1,043 MW of new photovoltaics.

This marks its third successive year that it placed in the top ten list. Greece ranked as the fifth-highest state, concerning per capita installed photovoltaic volume in the world. Energy generated by photovoltaics, halted the emission of 2.7 million tons of carbon dioxide into the environment.

The subdivision also provided 0.84% of the nation’s GDP, involving 40% domestic added value, with approximately 100 million euros in VAT figures, and about 100 million euros in new 2014 tax profits.