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Greek Bonds Decline

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Greek bonds are experiencing a decline, and 10-year yields are at their highest figure within the last seven weeks.

As Bloomberg reported, Sunrise Brokers LLP Executive Director of fixed-income research Gianluca Ziglio commented, "Risks in Greece are still largely underestimated".  

The Executive Director discussed the upcoming European Parliament elections, "...has an impact on the next steps for debt sustainability then it could also spill over to other markets in the periphery". Italian, Spanish and Irish bonds have also dropped.

Hellenic 10-year yields increased 47 basis points at 0.47%, to 6.77%, this afternoon. They had reached 6.85%; the largest figure since March 28th. February 2024's 2% bond fell to 2.835 at 28.35 euros per 1,000 euros, to 75.56.