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Hellenic Stocks Face Purchasing Pressure

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On Friday, Hellenic stocks were faced with excessive purchasing pressure in the Athens Stock Exchange, resulting in the lowest level of a composite market index since October 2013.

According to ANA-MPA, the index fell 3.15% at 1,088.25 points, marking the lowest final closing since October 4, 2013. This week's final index held a 8.68% net loss, revealing a 11.68% decline this month.

A 332.45 million euro turnover was experienced, while the Large Cap index felt a 3.26% decline and the Mid Cap index finalized at a 2.16% fall. Jumbo held 3.92%, OPAP generated 0.84% and Alpha Bank earned 0.49%. These three were the highest blue chip stocks holders. Piraeus Bank at 11.04%, Titan at 7.33% and MIG at 7.22%, experienced the highest losses.