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Athens Stock Exchange Finalizes Exceptionally Well

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Today, Hellenic stocks finalized exceptionally well on the Athens Stock Exchange, reaching impressively high figures.

The stocks recovered more than 50% of funds lost, regarding the last three occurrences, where the market's composite index declined by 9.47%. Tuesday's index soared 4.95% to finish at 1,119.30 points, with today's high of 1,128.16 points, as reported by ANA-MPA. Turnover was a gigantic figure of 268.291 million euros.

The Large Cap index climbed to 4.66%, while the Mid Cap index finished at 3.16%. All blue chips lifted, with Korinth Pipeworks reaching 10.14%, PPC gaining 9.79%, Frigoglass holding 9.38%, GEK Terna with 9.35%, Ellaktor at 7.46%, Mytiilneos generating 7.46%, OTE achieving 7.01% and Piraeus succeeding at 6.47%.

The National Bank of Greece's share prices increased 1.42%, regarding heavy volume at 123.422 million euros. Every sector experienced improvements, that included top earners in insurance, raw materials, utilities, and telecoms subdivisions.