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OAED Confirms Hiring Program

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Today, the Manpower Employment Organization confirmed a hiring program to be finalized within the next two weeks, concerning about 10,000 unemployed workers in the 30 to 66 year-old age group.

First announced in March, the employment plan is backed by OAED and grants full-time positions and insurance for one year, with a 450 euro salary per month; the remaining wages are to be paid by the employer.

This marks OAED's second co-funded program. Last December the agency collaborated with the European Social Fund for out of work youth, that allowed 2,000 workers up to 35, to offer their services in the entrepreneurial sector. OAED also declared that summer camps and social tourism packages for the unemployed and their immediate families have been finalized.

Labour, Social Security and Welfare Minister Yiannis Vroutsis stated of the plan, "These programmes show that the social state exists and is being rebuilt on a solid foundation".