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Eurogroup President Offers Telling Words

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In Berlin, Eurogroup's President Jeroen Dijsselbloem declared at a Hertie School of Governance's conference today, that trying to tell everyday citizens about state budget financial strides is problematic.

As reported by ANA-MPA, the President commented, "Try to tell a Greek who is struggling to survive that Greece now has a primary surplus, something that for us at the Eurogroup constitutes a significant indicator. What does this say, however, to a citizen in Greece?".

Dijsselbloem described that after the last Euro elections, "Europe is no longer something that is beyond doubt". The Eurogroup leader further described, "Try to tell a Spaniard who has lost his job that there is a small drop in unemployment in his country, or to an Irish whose house lost a quarter of its value that real estate prices have registered a slight increase".

Dijsselbloem began his Presidential post in January of last year and also serves as the Netherlands Finance Minister. The Eurogroup President confirmed that while microeconomic evidence is gaining strides, many more advancements need to occur: "...in order for us to create job openings and strong growth, this time on a sustainable basis".