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Cyprus Gains Economic Strides

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In Cyprus, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) increased this month, marking the thirteenth consecutive month it has risen.

May's strides are the result of enlarged household confidence, service sector improvements, and economic attributes in the EU.  In the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affair's monthly report, the ESI that encompasses industry entrepreneurs, construction, and retail services, increased by 0.7 points, according to Parikiaki.

On the island, the index raised to 99.3 points, compared to April's 97.3 figure. It reached its lowest point in April 2013, but has been on an successive upswing ever since.

In May, the headline index variation in the following Eurozone nations was determined at: Greece 99.1, Cyprus 99.3, Malta 109.5 Germany 107.8, Latvia 103.7, Belgium 103.7, Slovenia 102.4, Portugal 102.1 Italy 101.3 , Spain 101.9, Slovakia 101.3, Netherlands 100.6, Austria 100.4, Estonia 99.2, France 96.7, Luxembourg 95.7, and Finland 95.1.