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Greece Holds Highest Unemployment Rate

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Today, EU statistical firm Eurostat published a report that revealed Greece remains the highest member, regarding unemployment rates.

According to the latest extracted data, the nation held a 26.5% jobless rate for February, surpassing Spain. The lowest rates for last month were found in Austria with a 4.9% unemployment rate, while Germany generated 5.2% and Luxembourg was determined at 6.1%.

In Europe's entirety, the seasonally altered jobless rate was found at 11.7% last month, a decease of 0.1% compared to March and a decline of 0.3% in April's 2013. The EU28 rate was determined at 10.4% in April, compared to 10.5% in March and 10.9% in the same month of 2013.

There are currently 5.259 million unemployed workers of the younger generation under 25, in the EU. The rate has decreased since April 2013 by 415,000 in the EU28 and by 202,000 in the whole European region.

Last month, Greek young workers held the highest rate at 56.9%, in comparison to the 53.5% felt in Spain, while Croatia held 49%. Germany only had a 7.9% figure, Austria held 9.5% and the Netherlands gained a 11% unemployment rate for workers under 25.

However, Greece has experienced some strides compared to last year's April. The figures stood at 26.7% for its total unemployment rate and its youth rate was determined at 58.8% in 2013.