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Tsipras: EU Must Revamp Greek Debt

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SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras stated that the European Union must revamp Hellenic debt, as its current state is not acceptable.

According to ANA-MPA, Tspiras claimed to Le Monde news portal, "The debt is not viable and is threatening the stability of all of Europe. This systemic danger led Brussels to deal with the Greek debt in 2010. The threat of Greece's exit from the euro was used as blackmail. All were aware that such a thing would blow the eurozone up into the air. Greece did not understand how to use its negotiating possibilities".

When questioned about the nation's monetary strides under the current New Democracy led administration by Prime Minster Antonis Samaras, the SYRIZA leader commented, "...austerity's ultimate target was not Greece's exit from the crisis, but for an internal devaluation to take place so as to provide a new impetus to its competitiveness. [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel and [German FinMin Wolfgang] Schaeuble have a strategic plan which is the Germanisation of Europe and the colonisation of the south of Europe".

Tsipras voiced his opinion on German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "...is causing Europe's revulsion with her policy on austerity, but also with her insistence on depriving the European citizens of their elementary democratic rights. If Europe is not democratised soon, it will be suffering from a great cohesion problem".

Finally, Alexis Tspiras noted, "...before the crisis the public debt was 120 percent of GDP and today it has reached 180 percent. This proves that the policy that was implemented was criminal...with Greece as the focus, the countries of the periphery must implement a wide programme of investments, a New Deal, to find the path of growth soon".