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Greece & South Korea Ratify Maritime Agreement

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On Friday, Shipping & Aegean Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis stated that a major goal of Greece, is to bring exports to South Korea.

The Minister referred to a cooperation memorandum signed by South Korean Trade, Industry & Energy Minister Yoon Sang-jick and himself in the Greek Shipping Ministry.  The five-year cooperation agreement may be extended for two additional years.

The protocols offer private sector unions, Hellenic shipbuilding items exported to Korea, expertise exchanges, business collaborations, maritime technology events, and common environmental preservation and development, among others.

According to ANA-MPA, Varvitsiotis commented, "The South Korean shipyards deliver a Greek-owned ship every four days on the average. Therefore, the participation of Greek manufacturers of shipbuilding materials is important in building these ships, not only the Greek-owned but all ships built in Korea. Our main priority is to clear the way for Greek exports to Korea and increase the participation of shipping revenue in the Greek economy".