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Cyprus Airways Sells Final Heathrow Airport Time Niche

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Cyprus Airways has decided to sell its third and last Heathrow International Airport time niche to an American airline, for 32 million euros in a desperate attempt to remain in the air.

A parliamentary meeting was set for tomorrow but has been put on hold; Disy MP Giorgos Georgiou made the decision as he believes that Cyprus Airways can't currently handle such a heavy dispute. Other officials have voiced their objection, as they feel that the issue is of utmost importance and will lead to the total desecration of Cyprus Airways.

According to Parikiaki, Peo left wing trade union is blaming the Cypriot government for, "...lack of political will in supporting Cyprus Airways...on the contrary, it is seeking to weaken the airline". Cyprus Airways auctioned off its first time slot three years earlier, at 22 million euros, while the second went for only 6.5 million euros.