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New FM Hardouvelis' Immediate Monetary Goals

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Newly appointed Hellenic Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis has immediate monetary goals to complete, for Greece to receive its two 1.0 billion euro loans.

June 19th marks the next Eurogroup meeting to review the nation's status; his initial meeting in his new role with troika is predicted to occur in the middle of July, before the troika's planned analysis set for this fall.

The twelve previous protocols set by Greece's beneficiaries are found below, according to ANA-MPA.

1.Updating a third party taxes list
2. Introducing legislation offering access to uninsured citizens in pharmaceutical and diagnostics services and altering profit margins of pharmacies
3. Adopting a new code of ethics for government delegates
4. Ministerial decision for the unification of tax collection protocols
5. Legislation for investment licensing adoption
6. Legislation for implemented open markets adoption
7. Abolishing, as of January 1, 2015, all third party duties financing supplementary pension funds under the of Labor Ministry
8. Legislation introduction to absorb all supplementary pension funds by ETEA
9. New forest legislation introduction
10. New legislation introduction on reducing administration burdens
11. Legislation introduction on "small PPC" and settling all of its overdue debt
12. Legislation introduction for funding of political parties