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Hellenic Public Transportation Decreases Fares

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On September 1st, Hellenic public transportation will reduce its prices, as confirmed by Transport Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis today.

Monthly unlimited universal transport cards will be reduced by 15 euros, at a set price of 30 euros. One-way tickets will be priced at 1.2 euros instead of 1.4 euros. Additionally, tickets will be operational for 70 minutes, instead of the current 1.5 hour limit.

The Transport Minister commented that the government has come to the decision to alter public transport prices and its protocols. However, an increase in commuter costs was deemed by troika in the nation's bailout requirements.

Chrysochoidis also discussed that metal bars are scheduled to be administered on buses, to control travelers boarding without a valid ticket. It was also announced that Athens Urban Transport Organization is developing a ticket buying mobile phone app.