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FM Hardouvelis Claims Aid Disbursement Confidence

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The Finance Ministry's most crucial current activities are accomplishing the six mandated protocols with a deadline of last month, in order to receive 1 billion euros in aid, allotted for this month.

Newly appointed Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis has confidence that Greece can meet the six goals before troika's scheduled arrival in Athens, on July 8th.  Many of the financial mandates have been put into action, while many are in their final stages.

The first protocols are: a new open market adoption law, a new licensing framework law, para-fiscal charges list validity, a corruption code of conduct, a new debt collection action plan by both the Justice and Finance Ministries, and a law that regulates pharmacist's profits.

After completion, the nation then must facilitate six other protocols to receive 1 billion more euros scheduled for July. However, the governmental administration plans to finalize the mandates by August and expects to receive the funds in September.