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Finance Ministry Confirms 707 Million Euro Primary Surplus

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Today, the Greek Finance Ministry issued a report that revealed a 707 million euro primary surplus, between January to May 2014.

The same time frame's deficit was 1,990 billion euros, compared to last year that held a 3.843 billion euro deficit.  The Finance Ministry's budget report referenced last year's 970 million euro deficit and its budget goal of 208 million euros.

According to ANA-MPA, net state budget revenues amounted to 19.600 billion euros, marking a 0.2% increase from its target. Net regular budget revenues equalled 17.300 billion euros; an 0.3% increase regarding its set target. Tax revenues generated a 0.9% increase from its target, at 16.060 billion euros.

State budget consumption amounted to 21.590 billion euros, which was 529 million euros less than its set target. Regular budget consumption equalled 19.810 billion euros; this marked a 459 million euro decrease. In comparison to last year, regular budget consumption was 9.4% less than 2013.