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Greek Contraband Cigarette Trading Increases

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Contraband tobacco trading in Greece is on the rise, as determined in a KPMG analysis that studied all European Union member states.

The survey was conducted by Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco. As reported by ANA-MPA, major study results found that Greece's illegal cigarette trading increased 4.4% totalling 17.8% in 2013, the majority were illicit whites brand, and lost tax revenues totaled 565 million euros.

In all of the EU, 58.6 billion illegal cigarettes were smoked. However in the EU, criminal tobacco trade decreased to 10.5% last year, compared to the highest rate ever of 11.1% in 2012. The four tobacco companies administering the survey have supplied considerable funds to control illegal cigarette trading within Europe.