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Emails alert citizens for due taxes

Tax bureaus across the country are expected to begin sending emails to around two million taxpayers that have to pay the first income tax installment at the end of July.

The finance ministry has finally done away with paper billing and will now just send taxpayers an email which, in essence, will be a simple payment reminder. According to a circular that was promulgated last March, taxpayers are obligated to print the bill for the taxes they owe through taxisnet.gr using their personalized code key.

According to finance ministry sources emails for income tax will be sent in two installments. The first will be sent to around two million taxpayers that have to pay over 300 euros, with the first payment due at the end of the month. The second installment will involve those owing less than 300 euros in taxes, which are around 600,000 taxpayers, who will have until August to pay the full amount, but wit a rebate of 1.5%.

After the income tax emails, the finance ministry will send emails for the special property tax to around 6.5 million taxpayers, beginning in the first days of August. Ministry staff are in a rush to conclude the taxes by August, so it can begin collecting taxes by September.

The combination of the two taxes could flood the electronic systems of the finance ministry as millions of taxpayers will be trying to access their accounts and print their dues.