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Greece Ranks 4th Highest Poverty Level Among EU

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According to a Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research report released today that includes ELSTAT figures, Greece is the 4th nation out of the 28 EU members, that held the largest amount of citizens that survive below or on the poverty line in 2013.

As reported by ANA-MPA, the report states that more than a third of all Greek individuals live on less than 60% of the national median income, that amounts to 3,795,100 people. The poverty figure has grown consistently since the beginning of Greece’s bailouts in 2010.

2010 held 27.6%, 2011 rose to 27.7%, 2012 increased to 31%, while 2013 held 34.6%. Bulgaria held the highest rate of poverty within EU states, with 49.3%, Romania placed second at 41.7% and Latvia ranked third at 36.2%.

The nations that held the lowest poverty rates were the Netherlands with 15%, the Czech Republic at 15.4%, Sweden held 15.6%, Finland generated 17.2% and Luxembourg was determined at 18.4%. The EU’s average rate of poverty was 24.8%.

(Source: www.amna.gr)