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Greek Stock Results

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Greek stocks held a forceful beginning, however progress on Wednesday slowed down as the main index grew marginally higher, while trading volume experienced its lowest position in seven sessions, according to reports.

The Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) general index finalized at 1,152.32 points, following Tuesday's 1,150.17 points, as reported by Kathimerini. The FTSE/ATHEX 25 large-cap index finalized at 370.40 points, marking a 0.18% expansion.

A Barclay's analysis on Hellenic banks reported that there was a large number of faulty loans. Eurobank decreased 2.32% and National Bank of Greece remained unaltered. Alpha Bank experienced considerable selling in the final hours of the sale and lost 1.78%.

However, Piraeus Bank increased 4.11%. Mytilineos increased by 2.58%, as a result of increasing global aluminum values. 19 stocks were unaltered, 49 suffered losses and 61 experienced gains. Wednesday's turnout finished at 67.6 million euros, in comparison to Tuesday's 91.8 million euros.

(Source: www.ekathimerini.com)