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Forbes Publishes "The Greek Economy, Through The Lens Of A Wine Glass"

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Forbes recently published "The Greek Economy, Through The Lens Of A Wine Glass" article by Cathy Huyghe, that explores the nation's financial turmoil through the wine business.

The author examines four perspectives on Greece's economy, through the scope of a wine glass. The first pillar is titled, "Organic Development: Wine is Back". While there was a reduction in wine purchasing at the start of the crisis, different sectors of the industry experienced an increase, that leveled out the decline.

In the past two years, drinkers purchased more wines by the glass and frequented wine bars. Huyghe notes that taxations on wine have remained stable, while hard alcohol taxes have risen.

The second pillar the Forbes author focused on is coined, "Adjustments: There is no program on your PC for growing grapes". It discusses how younger generations who have generally sought education in other sectors, have returned to vineyard cultivation.

The third pillar termed, "Wine in the Pipeline" showcases how new production sites have risen considerably over the past few years. Huyghe states that young relatives do not foresee working on their family's farms and are more inclined to study enology over viticultural studies.

The Forbes author's final pillar "What Economic Crisis?" explores the popular tourist destination spot of Santorini and its wine market. The island's tourism industry sets its apart from much of the turmoil that has affected the majority of the nation, while its wine business remains less active .

Santorini delegates are now determining how the wine industry can participate in its lucrative tourism business. "The Greek Economy, Through The Lens Of A Wine Glass" by Cathy Huyghe can be read in full at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/cathyhuyghe/2014/07/17/the-greek-economy-through-the-lens-of-a-wine-glass/.