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French Finance Minister Comments on Eurozone & Greece

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After concluding a meeting with Greek Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvlis yesterday, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin voiced that eurozone economic policy should be loosened, according to reports.

Sapin stated, "European policy needs new directions toward a recovery", according to ANA-MPA.  He further commented that fiscal mandates should be in harmony with investments and growth.

The French Finance Minister added that European Central Bank resolutions regarding small and medium businesses, "which must be supported because they create the employment we so greatly need."

Sapin stated that the last six months of 2014 will be imperative for both Europe and Greece. He commented that actions by Greece's citizens had resulted in positive events, such as a stabilized economy and signs pointing to recovery, even in a hard and painful environment.

Finance Minister Hardouvelis claimed that Greece will continue undergoing structural reforms and that citizens need to accept them "as their own". The Greek Minister forecasted, "We are facing a period of strong growth."