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Single Property Ownership Tax Balances Contain Errors

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The Greek Finance Ministry announced outstanding bills due for the new Single Property Ownership Tax (ENFIA) on the web today, that held false information and oversights, according to reports.

Tax accountants claimed that properties in at least 457 districts nationwide have been excessively taxed. The Finance Ministry offered a statement assuming responsibility for the errors, but did not state if the initial payment due at the month's end would have to be submitted.

The Ministry's statement read as follows: "Distortions and omissions, due to the non-exhaustive consideration given to all the special cases envisaged by law, led to excessive calculations, especially as regards some land plots in rural areas," as reported by Kathimerini.

However, the Finance Ministry placed some of the responsibility on taxpayers and claimed, "Distortions have also been highlighted now that a detailed electronic processing of all data has been carried out".

The Ministry confirmed that false information and oversights can be updated without incurring fines until November 30th, and overpayments will be paid out after the final clearing.