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Nanobionic- Smart Clothes

By Yanna Darilis - B.S Phys.ED

When asked to endorse a product I really need to do research and believe in it in order to represent it, and so before getting involved with Nanobionic I did extensive research on the the technology of Nanobionic which offers the benefits of Far Infra Red (FIR). During my research on the topic I was astonished at the health benefits, and the more I researched and simultaneously tested their products, the more I opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of Far Infra Red (FIR).

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NANOBIONIC Awarded Business of The Year 2013 in Greece

The 2013 Kouros Award of Sir Stelios Hatzionnou went to the Innovative Greek Company Nanobionic. The CEO George Psipsikas and his brother Managing Director Ermis Psipsikas, accepted the business of the Year Award 2013 and a 50,000 euro check from Stelios Hatzioannou at the Athens Intercontinental last night which closed the evening with a standing ovation.

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