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Sir Stelios announces Award winner for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou announced the winner of his Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece – 2013.

The easyJet founder award the €50.000 cash prize to George & Ermis Psipsikas, the entrepreneurs behind Nanobionic, a health and lifestyle company, based in Athens, at the Kouros Awards ceremony hosted by Lesxi Epixeirimatikotitas at the Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel.

In the past six years, Stelios has presented €300,000 to six new businesses based in Greece showing his faith in the abilities and potential of young Greek entrepreneurs despite the current troubles.

This year's winner, Nanobionic, headed by George and Ermis Psipsikas, has developed high technology, efficient fabrics that absorb the body's thermal energy in order to transform it to Far Infrared Ray (FIR) energy. Through this recycling, Nanobionic products boost the body's resistance, reduce fatigue, thereby contributing overall wellness. The company was selected by Stelios for its pioneering technology as well as its dynamic presence outside Greece with dealerships and online shops in over 40 countries.

Sir Stelios told distinguished guests, including Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, that young entrepreneurs were the country's future lifeblood.

He said: "For sixth time in a row, I chose to support the vision, the creativity and the pioneering ideas of the promising young entrepreneurs who dare to invest in their country by setting long-term plans and goals – despite the rough financial weather. The willingness of young entrepreneurs to export and build new markets is really impressive – the example of the three finalists show us that when there is boldness and faith, there are also solutions.

"Nanobionic had such an idea, as well as a healthy and viable business plan that has allowed the company, to succeeded in the current barren business environment. They deserve our congratulations".

The Stelios Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece – 2013 is now in its sixth year. It aims to encourage young entrepreneurs (up to 40 years old) who have spotted a unique business opportunity, taken the risk and have successfully developed their company.

In 2012 the award was won by People for Business that set its sights on reforming the employment market by providing businesses with integrated solutions for their human resources needs as well as tackling the problem of long-term unemployment with individual bespoke solutions for joblessness