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Sir Stelios, Prince Albert II & WWF Hold Grand Fundraiser

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Last night, philanthropist Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco co-hosted a World Wildlife Foundation cocktail reception fundraiser, on the easyJet founder's Monaco terrace.

The two prominent men have collaborated with the WWF and their respective philanthropic foundations, that aim to preserve the Mediterranean monk seal.  The event generated 180,000 euros in contributions and attracted 400 guests. The Prince, Sir Stelios and WWF Internatioal Director General Dr. Marco Lambertini discussed how donations greatly assist efforts in protecting the monk seal.

As stated on the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation's website, he commented, "The common commitment of our two philanthropic foundations together with our friends at WWF, is evidence of our shared determination to save another endangered species...With our oceans and seas becoming ever more vital for transport, trade and food supply, greater thought and effort must be given to the unintended consequences of our economic behavior on their indigenous species. We must not give up on our marine environment".

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco stated, "The harmonious existence between the human and animal populations is one of shared responsibility which should prompt us all to take action together, while there is still time. And above all, it is the ability of each one of us, whatever our situation, to contribute towards this common task. Whether this is achieved through personal commitment, support or donation, every contribution is vital to this cause which concerns all of us, but also concerns our children and our grandchildren".

WWF International Director Dr. Marco Lambertini added, "WWF is grateful to the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and all of last night's supporters for their invaluable help in conserving the Mediterranean Sea and its charismatic symbols like the extremely rare Mediterranean monk seal
...We are on the right path to save this endangered iconic species by reducing overfishing, protecting large marine areas and in the process also benefiting local communities and their economy. We work hard for a sustainable Mediterranean Sea where people thrive in harmony with nature".