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Back to Reforms – What’s on the government’s agenda by the end of September

The fires of the past few days have confirmed the power of the proverbial God’s response to human plans – which wants media laughing when governments plan their future. Nevertheless, at gvt HQ, the new crisis that the staff state is called upon to face does not negate the overall existing planning for the coming months. It just adds extra tasks. The reforms, which are already in the drawers of government offices to be brought before members of the national delegation, will reach Parliament when the political debate on the fires is over.

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Sudden blockage of disbursement of funding for Greek package

Notwithstanding the enthusiastic comments on Greece's performance in the reform field and despite the warm congratulations of Europeans for the hard but necessary measures that have been voted in the last few weeks, everyone is letting the IMF call the shots and play games with Athens.

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