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SYRIZA has chosen the role of enemy of the people

The Greek government has tried to reduce the political cost of the massive national disaster that has hit the country by investing in the triptych "enemies are to blame - the formergovernments are to blame - the victims themselves are to blame."

Although in the past this argument had worked, more or less, this time it does not seem to have any effect, and there is widespread anger against the government.

What those governing Greece do not understand, as well as the entire political system, is that politics is a singular element. And each applied policy has a central, element at its nucleus. The central element of this government's policy was its conscious confrontation with the great mass of the Greek people.

The example of the Prespes agreementis a prime example as it was forced clearly against the will of the overwhelming majority of the Greek people, who did not just express some "loose" disagreement, but seemed to consider it a disastrous choice.

This is not the only example. In other, major and minor issues, the present government (with the silent acquiesence, it is true, of parts of the opposition, even the main opposition) chose policies that were considered hostile towards it by the largest part of the Greek people. 

Particularly the example of the Paraskevopoulos law, where the government showed that it is primarily interested in the rights of criminals and indifferent to the feelings of insecurity and victimization of Greek citizens.

Another example is the treatment of migrants, where the government identifies with the rights of migranta and refugees, ignoring the fears of Greek citizens that it is a matter of time before they become a minority within their homeland.

Even the government identifying with the LGBTQ+ community, while it expresses a tiny percentage of the Greek people, falls into this category. One need not mention the unprecedented shift in foreign policy issues and the implementation of an ethnocidal economic policy.

In other words, the Greek government has chosen over all these years, at all levels and in all areas, to confront the Greek people in such a way that a very large part of it perceives it as a hostile force against it and not just a bad government.

You can not expect support from a people you have turned into an enemy, not even a reasonable reaction, when something as extreme as the burnt bodies are being hauled from Mati.

So, when this huge catastrophe arose, all this hostility gained substance and reached a point of condensation. The government is now being treated by a large part of the Greek people as an alien, hostile force, pursuing an evil path. It does not matter whether this concept is logically justified or not. It does not matter for the tragedy in Mati whether previous governments were at fault, whether there were arsonists or not.

The hostility and the rage is wholly and completely directed at the government because it chose from the beginning of its rise to power to stand against the majority of the Greek people to impose its obsessions (which it later named delusions to justify its choices) and to please its hard core leftist old voters and members, who do not account for more than 2 to 3% of the Greek people.

So there is no room for forming some communications policy for the tragedy Greece is experioencing. SYRIZA is condemned to finally drink the bitter cup of becoming the most repugnant political force of the post-junta era. This has been SYRIZA's choice ...